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Urgent: Modem was not delivered to me

Level 2

I received a email saying my modem was dispatched and the consignment number is M7ZZ50339081. Delivery service provider is Startrack. And tracking the number shows the modem was delivered in full with signatory on 20 March 2020. But I did not receive the parcel nor pick-up cards.


I called nearest post office and they said they never receive it.

I called Startrack and they said they haven't received the physical item from TPG yet. They said they just received the deliver order from TPG and system went wrong to show delivered status.


I contact TPG via live chat for 3 days but no one can solve this problem, nor even give me an answer.


Can TPG just resend another modem to me or I can pick up the modem in person while TPG deal with Startrack on its own? I could not put any more effort in dealing with this issue. 


I need internet to work from home. Please solve this issue for me.

Level 2
Did you ever get this sorted out? I recently signed up for the nbn through TPG and received an email stating they have dispatched the modem but after getting in contact with startrack all they gave them was the shipping details