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Waiting for Update in Croydon VIC

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Hi there,
I had the technician come on 21st March to install my NBN.   I would not connect.  He said there was no NBN signal getting to the curb and would put a report in.
I contacted tech support (chat) the next day, who said that NBN needed to fix the issue. I was also told a case manager would be keeping me up to date on the progress of the instalaltion.

I hear nothing for week before I got an email advising me of a "Core Network Shortfall".  I understood that there would be a wait.   Having waiting two weeks with no reply or update I contacted TPG (Via email) enquring about an update (8th of April).

The reply did not give any new information other than ther were "poor light connection" readings.  Also, that I could plug in my ADSL until NBN has been activated (I have been using the ADSL this whole time!)


 I fully undertand that TPG can not do anything until NBN fixes the issue, but it has been 4 weeks sicne the tech arrived with little new information.

Is there an ETA now?  Surely NBN have fed back to TPG that they are working on it?   Do I have a case manager who is contact with NBN regarding the fixes that need to be done?

Just to be clear, I am not expecting a magic fix.  I undertand TPG can not do anything until NBN makes the repairs.   I am just keen to know if there is any updates or communcations that could giv me a sense of when I may be finally connected.

Kind Regards,

Brad Ackland

(Account Number: 5462931)


Apparently  there is an issue on NBN network in your area, and it is delayed due to COVID-19 procedures at the moment,


We will keep you updated

Thanks for your undrestanding