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What happened to the technician? sick? accident? They were not shown up.

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The NBN installation appointment was scheduled 1pm to 5pm yesterday. The technician didn't show up. What was happened to them? Were they sick? had accident? or something was very urgent they could not take one minute to call me for the 4 hours? I am very sorry if something was happend to them when they were on the way to my house.



Hi @ylia095 ,


We're sad to know that the NBN technician did not show up yesterday for your NBN installation. We'd love to help and see what happened, we tried to use your Community Details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show any matching records.


To better understand the situation, PM us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community




Hi @ylia095,


Thanks for providing your account details via PM.


As discussed with you yesterday over the phone with one of our Provisioning Case Managers, the NBN technician failed to arrive due to weather hazards. This was further confirmed by the technician when we requested NBNCo to have this clarified. Based on the update we received, the technician was unable to get a tap reading due to the wet weather.


For the new appointment, we have notified NBNCo to advise the technician to contact you 30mins prior to arrival of if they will have trouble attending the appointment due to weather conditions.


If you have additional queries or concerns, feel free to leave a message.