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Why don’t any of the TPG phone numbers work.

Level 2

I have tried to call all the TPG phone numbers several times today because my nbn access is not working. I have tried all the numbers that are listed and they all come up as call failed

l have had to use my mobile data to find anything online and have been trying to get answers for the last 2 hours which l do not have time to do as l run a business from home

could someone from TPG contact me ASAP you have all my details


Level 2
Yes same thing is happening to me can’t even connect to a support number ...

Hi @Jennisis3 and @Skg123,


We have experienced an unplanned outage affecting all of our customers. Affected customers has experienced difficulty accessing internet, TPG My Account and using home phone services.


Our Network Engineers have immediately engaged and resolved the issue. Customers should see services progressively restored as the restoration continues.


In the meantime, you may check this community article for updates:

We appreciate your patience and our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.