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Why is technician coming, but I don't need to be home?

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Level 2

This statement appears when I check my nbn FTTN installation progress. "A technician visit to your home is required to complete the installation. An appointment has been scheduled for Wednesday, 13 September between 8am and 12pm. You don’t need to be home for the appointment."

What will the technician be doing that doen't require me to be in attendance? What will he be doing at my home? 

Level 5

Hi @didy, this means the NBN technician is able to complete the work without needing access to your premises. E.g. they can complete the connection remotely or at the equipment on the street. They won't be coming to your house when you're not there, don't worry Smiley Happy

Level 2

Thank you Luna. I have a hospital appointment during that time, so won't be home. It's just that I know of someone else who was told they didn't need to be home, and then had delays because the technician expected that they would be.