Worst nightmare with TPG

Level 2

1) I have subscribed for NBN connection with TPG after they confirmed that NBN connection is available at my residence address on 31 Jan 2020. 2) On Feb 17 TPG mentioned me that my NBN connection was put one hold due to some connection issue at the site. 3) They have rescheduled connection for 17 March 2020 but it didn't happen. 4) I tried to contact TPG several times and was not successful 5) I contacted TPG through Livechat on 18 Match 2020 and it took 4 hours to understand that thye have no idea what they are doing. There was a very inexperinced lady took all my time and finally not provided any useful info or connection date.


Our whole family is suffering from without internet connection and I want to get any sort of internet connection immediately. I regret for signing with TPG and can't understand how shamelessly they are behaving.


I still remember when I fisrt time connected to Optus about 15 years ago when they rescheduled their appointment for a week and they paid $150 as a token of gift for their delay. I have been cherishing the sweet memories all these days and told lot of my frieds about this gesture.


But now, his bloody TPG is sucking my blood and still don't care. I have made a compliant with TIO formally. But, don't know what else can I do to get these people listen.


We complain a lot about overseas companies but these kind of things are still happening here...