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internet working but phone line no

Level 2

Hi Team,


I had to re-set up my netowrk set up at home and reset my modem.


The NBN internet is working fine. However the phone is not working.


I have already, turn off and on few times with break inbetween with no change.


I have switched between 1 and 2 but no change.


I have also reset the modem to factory setting but no change.


Can someone please check my internet and line status. I have seen other thread where you ahve refreshed from TPG side and has fixed the problem.


Your help would be appreciated


Hi @the5thace 


Welcome to the Community!


We've checked your account and from what I can tell, there shouldn't be any issues using the homephone. Nonetheless, we refreshed the connection to see if that would help. Please test and see how it goes.


If it's still not working, can you confirm if you're at least able to get a dial tone?

If dial tone isn't present, try to replace the phone cord or test another handset if you have one.