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I applied online that I am moving home. TPG online system deducted $300+ from my account as property is nnew and fibre need to be installed. I received call,message and at installation status that technician is coming on 26/8/2022. As i moved to new house I requested that please disconnect my service from old address.Now I am at new address but I received a call that technician is not coming and it will be long delay,may be upto October. But my billing cycle is continue though I left the old place and not connected at new address.I received an email yesterday that my monthly plan is incresed from 69.99 to 74.99 from 21/9. So what are the options for me including leaving the TPG.Please guide me


Hi @singhbalbir,


Thanks for letting us know about this issue.


I would like to have a better understanding of your situation to address your request.


Please PM us with your details like customer ID or username of the concerned account.


How do I private message (PM) in the community ?

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I am waiting for response please. Thank you