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Changing your TPG Mobile Plans through My Account

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Switch to a better Mobile deal!

TPG understands the ever-changing needs and expectations of its customers and aims to deliver the most competitive range of month-to-month Mobile plans.


You can change your Mobile plan (move up and down as you need it) without any change fee or contract restart.


Our latest Mobile plans can be seen at


How to change your TPG Mobile plan

Changing your TPG Mobile plan is very simple. Below is our step-by-step guide.

1. Log in to My Account on the TPG Website (



2. Click View all Mobile Service Accounts







3. Click Mobile Change of Plan under your active plan





4. You will be presented with the steps you have to complete to change your Mobile plan.

Click Start Change of Plan to begin the process.




Will I need a new SIM card?


In most cases, no.


However, if you happen to be on an old TPG Mobile plan (running on the Optus network), you will need a new SIM card which you will then need to activate to start your new plan.


We will advise you during the change of plan process if you need a new SIM card. If we require you to get a new SIM card, we will send it to you.


When will my new Mobile plan come into effect?


  • If you are required to get a new SIM card from TPG
    • After your change of plan application is submitted, we will send a new SIM card to you which you will then need to activate. Your new plan will start when your new SIM card is active. Simply insert the newly activated SIM card to your phone to start using your Mobile service under the new plan.


  • If you are NOT required to get a new SIM card from TPG
    • If you apply for change of plan at least 14 days before the end of your current monthly billing cycle, your new plan will start on your next billing cycle in which you will be charged with the new plan rate.
    • If you apply for change of plan less than 14 days before the end of your current billing cycle, your new plan may not come into effect on the next billing cycle. Instead, it may only come into effect after your next billing cycle (i.e. a full month).

Should you require additional assistance, you may contact TPG Mobile on 13 14 23 (Option 3 + 2).


Level 2

Hi, is this too old?  The page no longer looks like this, and feels like I am about to buy a new SIM card account, instead of upgrading my current one.


Hi @ekkidson


You can definitely change your plan by logging in to your TPG My Account..


Otherwise, our Mobile Support Team would be glad to assist you with the plan change. 


just let me know your most convenient time to receive a call so i can organise a call back to be made from their team. 





Level 2

Hi Ahra_G,


I've spoken with some folk from the Mobile Support Team, and it turns out there are some changes being performed currently, and you can't update things via the "My Account" at the moment.  However, they did contact me, and sorted things out via the phone, thanks!


Glad to know that your concern's got sorted, @ekkidson


Should you require any  assistance, you may reach out to us again or you may check out our self-help options located here:


To help manage your TPG services on the go, you may download our TPG Mobile App on this link: