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How to activate your TPG Mobile SIM card

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Are you a new TPG customer ready to activate your new TPG SIM?

Or are you an existing TPG Mobile customer ready to activate a replacement SIM card?


Check out this video to activate your SIM, or read on for detailed instructions. 



1. First, log in to TPG My Account at





Tip: You'll need to log in with your 7 digit Customer ID number. Check your service confirmation emails from TPG. If you've forgotten your password, check out


 2. Click on “View All Mobile Service Accounts”




 3. Click on “SIM Activation”




 4. Read the important SIM Activation information then click "Activate SIM Now" 





For more information and FAQs about the SIM activation click here.



Level 1c

Hi @6321836,


Welcome to TPG community.


Let us know if we can be of any assistance.



Level 1

Hi @wuwenpeng,


Welcome to the community!

Let us know if there is anything we can help you with.



Level 1a

Hello Manuel,


I have done 5 steps of activation as shown, but can't make any call and hear that "the number you call is incomplete..." . Also, tried to call TPG numbers, and got: no registerred on network. Please explain what happens and how long to activate / register the sim card. Thanks.


Hi @KJnewuser,


Welcome to the community!


Once performed all the steps posted above, try to restart your handset then try to check if you're able to make outgoing calls and send SMS to your own number.


Let us know how it will go.



Level 1a

Hello Shane,


It has started working after 1 hour from activation .



Thanks for the confirmation @KJnewuser. Glad to know that it is already working. Should you require any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Level 1a

I've received my replacement SIM - went to follow the activation instructions, but there is no "Activate Replaced SIM Card" option in the "View All Mobile Service Accounts" page. Where can I find this?