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How to park your mobile service

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This article serves as a guide for TPG Mobile Plan customers who are looking to park (suspend) their TPG mobile service.

The TPG mobile service does not allow you to suspend your service like an Internet ADLS plan but you can downgrade your plan to serve the same purpose as suspending.


If you are going overseas for a month or more, or you have decided to leave your TPG SIM card behind, but you want a cheaper alternative to paying your usual monthly fee just to keep your mobile phone service active;


Then we recommend changing your TPG mobile phone plan to our T4G PAYG mobile phone plan and benefit from considerable savings.




For a detailed comparison of the T4G PAYG mobile phone plan with our other 4G mobile phone plans on offer, check out our Mobile Plan Brochure.


Can I receive voice mail under T4G PAYG mobile phone plan?

T4G PAYG mobile phone plan supports voice mail. Fees apply. See below:


Voice mail deposit: 15¢ per 30 seconds

Voice mail retrieval: 15¢ per 30 seconds


Ok. I don’t want to get charged for people leaving me their voice messages. How do I disable voice mail?

Refer to our guide in this TPG Community post: We wish to turn off voicemail.


Can I disable data on my T4G PAYG mobile phone plan?

The T4G PAYG mobile phone plan comes with 50 megabytes (MB) of data.


Should you wish to not use this allocated data, or if you just want to make sure that you don’t get charged excess data, then you can disable data on your plan.


You can disable data (and later, re-enable it) by logging into TPG My Account.


Once logged in, go to View all mobile service account > Mobile service control panel > Data > Disable


Disabling mobile data on your phone will mean that you use data only when you connect to a Wi-Fi network. This will ensure that you’ll never get charged for excess data.




I’m currently on a mobile phone plan under a promotional offer. Can I change to T4G PAYG and resume the promotional offer once I go back to my current plan?


Any promotional offer still applicable to an existing mobile plan will cease if the plan is changed.



I’m currently on a very old mobile phone plan. Can I change to T4G PAYG and go back to my old plan later?


No. You can’t change (or go back) to your previous plan if that plan is no longer on offer.


TPG aims to deliver the most competitive range of month-to-month mobile phone plans to suit the ever-changing needs and expectations of customers. This means that our mobile phone plans get updated regularly.


The latest mobile phone plans we have on offer can be seen at


What are the fees to change mobile phone plans?


You can change your mobile plan without any change fee or contract restart.


 What are the benefits?


If you are changing your plan to T4G PAYG under either of the two scenarios mentioned at the start of this article, then the benefits would be:


  • Lower monthly fee
  • You can keep your mobile number active
  • You can still receive calls and SMS
  • You can still receive and retrieve voice mail (for a fee)
  • Free calls to 1800 numbers
  • Free calls to TPG Support 13 14 23
  • 50 MB included data


I want to change my plan to T4G PAYG now. How do I request this?


You can do the change yourself. Please read this TPG Community article: Changing your TPG Mobile Plans through My Account.


Alternatively, you can contact Customer Service Department at 13 14 23 (option 3, then option 2) and we’ll help you out.