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Mobile SIM card from TPG

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The article will go through the type of sim you will receive from TPG. What the difference between nano, micro and standard sims and how to use them.


Mobile SIM Cards Sizes

SIM cards come in three sizes; Standard, Micro and Nano. Your phone must have the appropriate SIM used in it, and we definitely don't recommend cutting your SIM to a different size.


SIM Sizes: Standard, Micro or Nano SIM card









The SIM card once pushed out can be used switched and changed between the 3 sizes (As long as you don’t lose the individual parts)

















Mobile Phones & SIMs


If you're not sure what size SIM you need, check out the table below for some current handsets:





If your phone is not listed, please check the SIM size with the manufacturer.


If you need a replacement SIM you can call 13 14 23 option 2 option 3