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Mobile cancellation

Level 2
Level 2

Please allow for the porting of my number to the new provider and cancel the plan subsequently.
ID: xxxxxxx

If you require further information for cancellation, please contact me by email ONLY. You have my email details on file. Do not contact me via phone, it will not be answered. Do not contact me asking for a reason, or to change my mind: or this will be taken as harassment.



Hi @Pd, sorry to know that you wish to port out your number. In order to transfer your mobile service, you can contact your new provider for them to initiate the activation and once this is completed, your TPG mobile service will be canceled automatically.


Please be informed that there is a port out fee of $11.


Any unused prepaid balance will expire.


Make sure as well to port out 7 days before your new cycle starts to avoid being charged for the new cycle.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.