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Mobile service is not available (Indooroopilly)

Level 2

Last 2-3 days mobile service is not available at my home location (87 Russell Terrace Indooropilly, 4068, QLD). When I walk ~100 toward shopping centre I can make and receive calls, but at my home phone I can't make or receive any calls. I installed app which shows celluar information. When I at home my phone connected to cell TAC-ECI 40441-10305293 and I can't make calls. When I walk to another cell LAC-UCID 441-93824428 I can make calls.

I have 2 mobile phones - both with TPG and both phones have exactly the same issue.

Please find screenshots attached.

Could you please investigate and fix the issue ASAP?


Help is here, @Dmitriy


Thanks for raising this matter to us and my apologies for the inconvenience. Can you please send us your TPG customer ID or the mobile number associated with your account via private message so I can locate you service.


I will wait for your response.