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Due to the 2g beingt cut off at end of September we have had to buy a new phone which will work on the 4g networks.

We have ended up with a smart phone (A cheapy). We are paying 19.99 a month prepaid howevwer we will use this phone to go on line etc. Will the existing plan cover this activity or will we have to get a plan with more Data aloowance?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hi @ronnynob, welcome to 4G Smiley Happy


Is it the 9GB T4G Large plan you've taken ($19.99 for first 6 months, $34.99 thereafter)? 


The answer to your question is it depends how heavily you'll be using your mobile data. If you'll be using it for a bit of browsing, emails, maps, Facebook, a small amount of videos, etc, then 9GB should be well enough for you. Especially if you have internet at home, so you won't be using your mobile data at home.


If you do run out of data, with the T4G you can purchase additional 1GB data blocks for $10. And you can always change your mobile plan as you're on a month by month contract.