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No nano SIM available

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I have an old mobile plan with TPG: 65: Plenty Plan Medium. I am using this plan with a micor SIM.

I just bought a new phone and contacted TPG requesting for a nano SIM for my new phone.

TPG told me that the nano SIM for my plan is not available until 2019. There is no specific date specified.

1) I wish to post a question here first. Does TPG have an obligation to provide nano SIM for this plan?

2) If it does, when is the nano SIM available?

3) If it does not have the obligation then please explicitly indicate.


Many thanks for your information.

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Hi @Tha89 to get you out of trouble, any mobile phone repairer such as those in a shopping centre kiosk will have a SIM card cutter, it's a 10 second process and I can't imagine them charging more than $5 to do it, you can even buy your own cutter online for less than $5 delivered.

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This is what I have in mind as well. However, the size of the "metal" part in my SIM is a bit larger than the usual nano SIM. I will take it to these kiosks and have it cut.


My next question is if this is damage, how soon can TPG replace my micro SIM.


I still need to have answers to the previous questions please. It is just a matter of policy, thus it should be easy for TPG to answer these questions.


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Hi @Tha89


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


We can see that you are still with our old TPG mobile plan on the Optus network and you are requesting for a SIM Replacement. Unfortunately we are unable to process a replacement SIM at this time for your plan powered by the Optus network which has been discontinued 3 years ago, therefore we would recommend you move to one of our current plans that is on the Vodafone network for which we can get a SIM posted out to you ASAP.


TPG started the process of inviting our Optus network customers to migrate our new plans on the Vodafone network in 2015. We offer exciting plans deals with more value now and free Multi-fit SIM card which can be used for any mobile handset, so you don’t need to request a replacement SIM if you change handsets in future.


The best option for you now is to change your plan to one of our current TPG T4G plans on the Vodafone network, so we can give you a better plan and so we can fulfil your request for a replacement SIM card.