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Roaming is not working in India - totally stuck now.

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I have TPG prepaid SIM, I moved to India for the holiday and here can't see any network.

After a research I found that I need to turn on the international roadmin from the my account, when I tried to login into my account it's sending a text messasge to my mobile for the verification, As I don't have the active number, I'm not getting the message to validate, hence I got stuck here.


I need to work for a few days and because my number is not getting any messages, I'm totally stuck,


I was thinking that to get help from my friend who is in Australia to connnect with the support but not sure if that's the right way, is there any way we can resolve this issue via email or chat?


Kindly help to resolve the issue.


Hi @jitendrasoni01


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We can help you on this matter definitely. Kindly message us your TPG customer ID and we can discuss it from there. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community




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I have DM you,  please see if you can help