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SMS Forwarding

Level 2

Is there a way to forward incoming SMS message to another phone or to an email? Note: Phone will be shut off OR not on International Roaming.


I don't want to activate roaming deposit charge of $500 imposed by TPG but need access to SMS messages to login into bank accounts or the ATO site while I'm away from Aus


Hi @kenl90,


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Our TPG SIM Only Mobile services do not have this kind of feature.


You can view TPG Mobile Features here:


If you wish to manage these available features, you can visit this link:


Should you have further queries, please let us know. Thank you.

Level 2
Probably easier to either give your o/s phone number to the bank and ATO via 'Change my details' on their websites, or if using an o/s number isn't possible (and it should be fine) change to an Australian relative's number who can forward to your o/s number