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Sim activation issue

Level 1a

I have recieved an email from TPG saying my sim has been activated however I still cannot send messages or make calls.

Please help as soon as possible,


Hi @Trinh,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your community details and we can see that you have been in touch with one of our mobile specialists who escalated the issue.


We will make a follow up with our Mobile Team and will have the escalation officer contact you as soon as new updates become available.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.


Hi @Trinh, we can see that our Mobile Escalations Team has been in touch with your sister, who confirmed that the service is now working. The Escalation Officer tried to contact you, but to no avail.


Should you require further assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!