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Sim card after migration to Vodafone network

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Hi, there,

Going back to 2016, one of the SIM cards that I have was meant to be migrated to Vodafone network and I received a lot of email advising the new SIM card and the welcome pack were on their way to me. However, they never turned up even after I made multiple complaints. I wasn't bothered as it was of lower usage and was for backup so I let it go. But now I need to use it for another device. Could you please this time be serious to send a new SIM card to me?





Hi @NHW8888,


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I understand that you wish to request for a SIM replacement. Thus, you will need to call our Mobile Support Team at 13 14 23 options 2 and 3 or you can private message to us the following:


Contact Person:

Preferred callback number:

Preferred time and date of call:

TPG mobile number:

How do I private message (PM) in the community