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Unable to make or receive calls

Level 1a

My number is 0424 xxx xxx and I am not able to make or receive calls.

Could you please advise what needs to be done



Hi @haemee1128 ,


Welcome to the community!

Please perform the following troubleshooting

Note: Ignore once troubleshooting is done.


  • If incoming call issue is caused by call diversion to an invalid number/disconnected number ##002#+call to remove all active diversions on the handset.
  • Power cycle the handset. After turning off the handset, battery should be removed. Put it back after at least 10 seconds, then turn on the handset. For handsets like iPhone or any handsets which don't have a removable battery, restart must be done.
  • Manually select another network, then select Vodafone/Optus/Roaming and then turn the phone off and on again.
  • Change Network Mode/Preferred Network (from 4G to 3G or vice versa).
  • Try different handset.

Let us know how it will go.