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24 hour e mail delays

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After waiting 10 days for a reply to my problem I am hoping this post will result in succseful action, I am unable to recieve essential e mails from the Australian Woolworths chain, the e mails enter the T.P.G. system but only arrive at my postbox after 48 hours, all other e mails from any source are OK. I last requested help from the Help Desk on the 21 november who replied on the 26 november as follows.

Thank you for your response.

We will forward this to our Post Master for checking.

Please wait for further update.


Mauro | UserID: 16530

the heading for the e mail in question was sent by woolworths and recieved on the on the 21st by TPG It was sent to me 24 november, I have had no response so far. can any one help?


Hi @augerwood, we apologise if you haven't received an update and for the inconvenience this issue is causing you.


Your concern has been raised to our Technical Team and they have escalated this our Post Master. No update from the Post Master yet, but we have already made a follow up and we are expecting a new feedback tomorrow.


We'll continue to monitor your account and will also keep you posted for updates where possible.



Hi @augerwood, our Technical Team tried to contact you on the phone number we have on file, but to no avail. Please PM us an alternate contact number so we can organise a callback. Thank you.


Hi @augerwood, we can see that our Technical Team sent an email discussing the status of the case.


Should you have further queries, you can contact them directly via return mail or you can simply message us here.


Thank you.