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Archer VR1600v firmware Update

Level 2

I was notified by a friend of mine who had the same problem and they suggested that I come here for a firmware upgrade, just in case.

Myy modem consistently turns off every week for no apparent reason. No overheating, no overloading, and bright lights used to be white but now display a yellow-greenish colour.

Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks!!

btw I'm not really sure about the difference between a router or modem, so...I apologize for any confusion, I may have been the cause of.

down below is some additional information to help. although not from thorough research, it's the best I could find with my meagre knowledge in tech.


Firmware version: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n
Hardware Version:  Archer VR1600v v1 00000000
If this is wrong, I would like to get someone else's view as well to direct me towards the proper fix.

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Let's go ahead and have a closer look at your account. Please shoot us via private message with your TPG username or Customer ID number.