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I have been a TPG customer for more than 5 years. I am in the process of moving interstate.
I contacted your customer service department few weeks ago regarding cancellation of my home phone and ADSL 2 bundle. The specialist from your company, Patrick, advised to me that suspension of the service was better. I accepted the suspension of the service until I found a new house in Townsville, QLD.
However, I was not aware of and not informed of the fact that the home phone line will still be active even though I suspended my bundle (home phone and ADSL2). I bought the bundle and so it is extremely surprising to suspend part of a bundle and the other part remains active. I have a concern about it as anyone, who moved in to my current house, can use it. Anyone could be drug dealers, criminals or even terrorists. If I knew that before, I would not agree to the suspension of the service of my bundle (home phone and ADSL2).
I found it out today and so I spoke to the same person, Patrick, who said I needs 30 days notice for cancellation. He sent an email containing a link for cancellation and stating the necessity of 30 days notice. 
I am not happy with it because:
1) I bought the bundle (home phone and ADSL 2 together), so both should be suspended/cancelled together;
2) If I was explicitly told about it, I could have cancelled long before the 30 days notice;
3) I was asked about the reason for cancellation and I told that I am moving interstate and I still did not have a house to move in after 27th Nov. 2018. So Patrick clearly knew my situation. He clearly put his interest in this particular case, jeopardising me.
4) During sign up and suspension, everything was smoothly done over the phone, giving lots of assurances. I was surprised I had to go to the webpage and do it on my own. It clearly showed the attitude of the company to its customers. I have been a tpg customer for more than 5 years (which included 2 mobile phones, ADSL2 and home phone).
5) Moving interstate with young children is already stressful enough. I am astonished at the way tpg customer service misled me and left me without any assistance.
6) Given the above experience, I am sure you will understand if I further cancel my mobile phone services.

7) I will make a formal complaint to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as I believe that your representative misled me without clearly explaining that the phone line will be still be active even though internet service is suspended. 


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I was able to locate your account using your community details. I apologise for the inconvenience, I would like to take this opportunity to turn around your experience.


I will raise this to our Account Specialists Team also to one of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager and request for urgent feedback tomorrow.


We'd like to get your best contact number and preferred time.


In case you need a reference: How to send a PM.



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They have very bad customer service I am also using TPG internet over 2 years. I tried to cancel them before as well and they said they will change me cancellation fee around $200 and then I continue my service and that time they said it will be 6 or 12 months Contract I don’t remember but it’s been already one year. In between they upgrade my ADSL to NBN without telling me that this will be new contract and their will be another 18 months contract. Now when I disagree with this they have deducted balance from our account by using our direct debit facility... this is not fair after that they have not replied any of our email too.
It was their duty to inform us about the changes in those conditions.
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Terrible customer service. I'm getting the runaround big time trying to cancel my adsl. I will be taking this to the telecommunications ombudsman soon if I don't get a reply. And telling everyone I know NOT to use tpg. I have NBN with Exetel and they have been great and answer the phone straightaway.