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Deplorable Service

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I have been waiting in the "queue" all week long. Using multiple devices, multiple tabs to have a chat open, watching my place in the queue come to 1, and then the service operators cancels the chat.

I have moved home, using my hotspot, using my own money, because TPG is RUBBISH and does not even follow up with their customers. I've requested callbacks (which I know they are still doing regardless of COVID-19, because they tried calling me with no callback at 6 in the morning), to no avail. I need to know the status of my move, I'm on the verge of canceling, calling back up for compensation, and changing to a more reliable service. I'm absolutely disgusted.


Absolutely woeful service. None of your "live" chats are living, you're taking customers for a ride. I want someone to call me, as I've already made a claim ticket with the TIO. Good work!


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Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so i can look at your service