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E-Mail Account needs updating

Level 1

my first post is a query as to why My desktop & laptop (running windows 10) continually inform me my tpg email account needs attention, 3-4 times in an afternoon, when I check what needs attention I have to enter my passwordthe it is ok for a while.

I have another desktop running windows 7 that does not have this problem.

Any help to solve this anomaly woulbe appreciated

Regards BobL


Hi @bobl1938 ,


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What email client are you using? Also please post a screen shot of the error message.


Note: This could be an update with your email client used in Windows 10.



Level 1a

I have changed my incoming and outgoing server names at TPG and need to reset to defaukt settings. What are they?


Hi @nwyles,


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You may visit the link below to see email settings


Let us know how it will go and should you require further assistance.