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Intention to cease providing service

Level 3
Hi I think I posted my question in the wrong board so have copied it here. Apologies for double post.

Hi I am writing to you to request further information on your intention, to cease providing part of the service I have paid for as part of my ongoing use of your services.

I was made aware by a 3rd party (not TPG) that you intend to stop providing email services an ongoing service and expectation of an ISP. I searched and found your notice buried on your Web page.

- My understanding is you intend to force your customers to send their private information to a third-party, with no alternatives.

- You intend to force your customers to pay a third-party for the privilege of keeping this service, creating a financial burden on your customers.

- you intend to action deletion of a person's email address with a limited time frame effectively forcing them to make an instant decision.

- you intend to remove a customers right to use "" domain even if they have moved from your non-service to your third-party provider.

- should your third-party provider become insolvent you do not intend to support your customers with an email address.

- those who already have paid you a fee for just an email address will effectively be forced to close said account as you have indicated you will not let them keep the domain.

I would appreciate your prompt response preferably by 4th August so I can decide if I need to lodge a complaint with the Telecommunications industry ombudsman ( given the limited notice you have provided) .

Kind regards
Level 3
Could you also advise how the email service will work for accounts which are email only?

You have stated you will only let people continue to use email addresses while they remain account customers. But for people with email only accounts they will certainly not continue to pay you for a service you no longer provide. Will these addresses be deleted or will you let people keep them when we leave?
Level 3
Hi, I have followed your guidance and placed my complaint but have had no response.

This is extremely poor service. I have had an account with you since the early 2000s. I have put up with the dodgy adsl attenuation issue, the suggestion issues were in my premises with no apology when discovered in your network, incompetence with account management and issues with adsl to NBN transfer issues. Your treatment of loyal customers is appalling.