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Moved home and now no NBN and no help from TPG but still paying for nothing

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I had moved from an address with FTTB and i was looking to get NBN connected to my new residence that is a legally listed duel occupancy. upon talking to a TPG representative i was told that this is not possible as the address doesnt exist and that i would have to keep paying the account as i am in a contract. I then mentioned that i would be paying for a service that TPG is not providing me so paying for nothing the representative said yes thats correct.
i asked to have the call escalated to a supervisor and was informed that i would have to pay out the remander of my account if i wished to cancel account cost $350.
Spoke to the supervisor and she advised me that i could park my account but that would cost $60
i spoke to the supervisor and explained that i dont feel that i should be paying any fee as there is physically no service at my premisis and that why should i pay for a service that i am not able to receive
I informed that i am the tenent and that i have spoken with NBN and have subbmitted the new development application which on previous calls TPG told me to do and there is nothing that i can do going forward. i told her that i was informed that this process can take up to 3 to 4 months for me to get a connection.
I also informed this supervisor that as i work from home and require this service i will have to purchase a 4G modem and a 4G mobile home broadband service for the period that NBN is getting connected which is going to cost me hundreds of dollars. I then asked the supervisor are you able to provide this service and she said no TPG doesn’t. I told her that is exactly right you cant and i need an internet service so i can work and get paid.
I asked her to wave the $60 fee as good will and she said that she can do this but will have to add on another 6 months to my contract which i of course stated we extreamly unfair to wave a $60 dollar fee just to extend the contract by 6 months that just doesnt make sense
I was starting to feel that this supervisor was extreamly unproffessional and had zero empathy and in my opinion should be removed from her position immediately. Her continual response is so what is your decision are you going to pay the fees?
I told her can you please provide the service at my location and she said no we cant. There you go so why am i the one that has to pay out all this money for something that you cant provide. This is totally unfair as i have been doing everything that i can to get a service connection at my new address. As i physically dont have a service connection at my new address my account will not be physically connected anywhere. 
This representative was extreamly unhealpful and was just wanting me to pay but that still doesnt rectify the problem and even after 2 months of parking my account i possibly still wont have a connection and i would be paying for a service that still has no physical address. 
Upone speaking to another representative the following day i was informed after explaining my story for a third time that the so called supervisor was infact not a supervisor but was a specialist. This outright lie is an absolutly deceitful and dereadful service. I have had nothing but terrible service from the Indian based call centers but nothing but amazing service from all the representatives in the Philippines.
After all of this i was able to get TPG to park my account for free until january which has been helpful due to the busy time of the year. In the mean time i have had to purchase a 4G modem and sign up for 4G homebroadband costing me over $500 up until January. As of now TPG have started to charge me for a service that they are not providing without any follow up call or contact what so ever. 
The service that this company provides is attrocious andf the quality of their service when you have it is also questionable. They are quick to take your money and sign you into a contract but after that they provide nothing if i could i would rate neagative 5 stars out of 5 stars and still no solution from this pathetic company. As they cant provide me anything then my contract should be void and i should not have to pay otherwise pull your fingers out and get this sorted.
Level 2

I have had the same / similiar experience.  Wacked into an agreement and spoken to 17 different people over 48 hours and not one of them care just get transferred.  It is the worst experience I have ever had and am also trying to work from home.  I was told to go to an internet cafe or hotpot whilst I wait for the NBN tech....end of FEBRUARY.  GOOD LUCK 


Hi @The-Mastermind ,


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The New Development Fee (NDF) is charged for all nbn™ broadband connections (FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC, HFC and Wireless) in the following circumstances:


  • The first connection at a premises identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new development.
  • The first connection(s) at a premises in an established area where a developer has increased the number of dwellings on the same plot of land e.g. demolished a single house and built a block of units.

Once the NDF has been charged at an address, it will not be charged again for subsequent connections, provided the number of dwellings at that address has not increased. At TPG, we pass on the NDF charge as billed by our wholesaler, nbn™. These charges are clearly visible when applying for a service.

This information is also available here:


we will raise this with our NBN Provisioning Team for additional reference on the ongoing investigation,


On the other hand, regarding with your complain with one of our Staff, we will treat this as a complain and handle this internally.

We apologise for any inconvenience.