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Level 2
The Irs sent my money Nov. 23 to SBTPG due to them being a 3rd party with turbotax and I had my fees taken out of my refund. I just found out on DEC 21st that I had to verify my Identity fine I verified it to the email. I get a email back saying it was to late and it is in the queue to be batch to be sent back to the iRS how long will it take for them to send my money to the IRS it's been over a month no one reached out to me I had to call the IRS and that was Dec 21st so that had held my money that whole time.
Level 2

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with receiving your refund. It sounds like the delay is due to the identity verification process that you had to go through. In general, it can take several weeks for the IRS to process a refund that has been delayed due to identity verification or other issues. You mentioned that you contacted the IRS on December 21st, so it's possible that they are still processing your case and working to resolve the issue. Managing your money wisely is a good skill. I make money playing legit cash games, but I know exactly how to make my income increase.