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I am a teacher with ed qld working from home snd the NBN connection constantly DROPS OUT. i cant teach like this. Its very stressful. What is happening with my internet connection????????

Hi @Robynekr,


Thanks for your post regarding your connection issues.


When the dropouts occur, please be sure to check on the NBN Connection Device (this is usually a black box with ARRIS printed on it) and note what the lights on the device are doing. Upon your next reply please let us know if you are using the ARRIS CM820, or the CM82000 and what you have found the following lights to do during the dropouts:







The state of any of these lights should be green, flashing green, or yellow.

Please also ensure that the cables between your router and the NBN Connection Device connected securely in their sockets, as well as the cables from the NBN box to the wall.  Also check the thick coaxial cable from the NBN Connection Device to the wall socket is straight and not kinked. Be sure not to unplug the coax cable.


For instance, cats likes to sit on top of these devices and this can sometimes knock out the cables over time.


You may also want to try and replace some of these cables with spare or newer ones.

It is also recommended, for testing purposes, that you bypass any internal smart wiring in your house so that all devices are connected directly into each other avoiding any potential internal wiring issues.

It would also be helpful to know if the dropouts temporarily stop after a power cycle of your router and NBN Connection Device.


Each time a change is made, please monitor the connection and take note of the NBN Connection Device’s lights for a minimum period of 24hrs.