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Nuisance calls from Kiribati

Level 2

Over the last 12 hours 21:42 to 9:42 I have received 10 nuisance calls from Kiribati (apparently it's in the South Pacific) all commencing with number +686300102 - - I am a doctor on call (Obstetrician delivering babies) and cannot turn off my phone, I have blocked each number sequentially and am now exhausted.  How can I block these calls altogether?

Level 3
Level 3

I'm aware of some 3rd party apps that you can install on both Android and Iphone smart phones. Never really used one myself, however they seem easy enough to use and plenty of reviews about them.


Pop the following phrase into google "blocking calls based on prefix?" and there are a bunch of really interesting articles and solutions that may be suitable for u to try.


Hope this helps.