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Slow connection and constant drop outs

Level 2

I reported drop outs slow internet again on the 18th I get the usual response as to move this do this swap that .... still slow .....done alll that but and reported back....TPG nowhere to be seen ....over a week ago now still had no assistance 


Hi @Craigy21,


Welcome to the community!


I would love to help. I tried to use your community details to pull up your account and I got a match.


I ran initial tests on your service and it shows a possible line fault causing the connection not to work.


I wouldl like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further tests and investigation.


Kindly PM me your best contact number and preferred time today.




Hi @Craigy21,


Thanks for sending me your details.

I arranged a call from one of our Technicians tomorrow between 8-9am WA.


Let me know how it will go. We'll talk to you tomorrow.




Hi @Craigy21,


I've seen that one of our technician has been in touch and escalated your concern to the Engineering Department. They have raised your issue to Telstra and currently waiting for the Telstra Technician's schedule. 


Rest assured that the Engineering Team will take care and prioritize this case & I made sure that their team will get in touch with you today for immediate update. 


Kind Regards.