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TPG latency issues

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Hello my main issue is I am having increased latency on my connection.
I recently switched from Telstra to TPG. I was assured the only thing that will change is I will get higher upload and download speeds. My ping was 6 with Telstra. As soon as I connected with tpg it increased to an unstable 9-12 spiking on some hops to TPGdns1 to 200+. I have called numerous times and have a case open where I was told by the rude consultant that it’s fine and not to worry it’s how it is going to be. When I know my latency should be 6ping and stable. As it was with Telstra. In the four weeks I have been connected with TPG I have had three days with 6 ping consistently no matter what time. The ping improved when I complained and then when the case closed it went back up to being unstable. Then I complained again and the ping went back down to 6. The. 3 days later once again it went back up. I am on VDSL FTTN PPPOE and have tried various different modems and modem/routers including the TPG supplied one. Hop 1 on trace route is <1ms so no issues here. Second hop and the rest are 9-12 sometimes 200+. When it was good it was 6ms from hop 2 on.
The ping used to go down to 6ms on router reboots and after a few minutes with no devices just a pc plugged into lan cable it would go back up to 9-12ms.

Not sure if I’m fast path or interleaved? Not sure of the issue here.
The case manager and anyone I contact is not helping and i am being told it’s not a big difference. But when you competitively game for real money it is a big deal to have the best connection possible.
Thankyou not complaining just would love some real answers not to be told I’m in the wrong for worrying about this!
Thankyou !!

Hello Luke16,
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