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TPG no longer providing email address

Level 2

Could someone please let me know the following regarding our email being no longer available through TPG?


After the 12 months will I have to pay to access my email via The Messaging Company and also pay to access my internet from TPG - now 2 charges instead of 1?

If this is the case - will TPG reduce their rates to reflect that they will no longer providing all the services that I originally signed up for nearly 15 years ago?


As another user has already said they will be changing their ISP - I will also be doing the same particularly if I need to pay TPG so that I can access the internet and then to access my emails I need to pay The Messaging Company.


At this point I am quite disappointed as I believe that I have been a loyal customer for many years.


I look forward to a 'positive' response.


Hi @smjk ,


Your TPG email has been a complimentary service and is not part of your monthly fee. You will have the option to transfer your email to The Messaging Company and services will be free of charge until September 2024.


TMC will provide more information about service costs within 60 days of any pricing changes. They are intending to provide services at no to little cost, all the way through to premium services. You can read more about the migration here:


If you would like to discuss your options to close the account, send us a PM with your details and we will chat more.


How to send a PM?