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Where do I start to post

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I am new to this and as I have been unable to make contact with TPG chat I have decided to give this form of contact a try.

Is this where I ask my question. Apologies if not.

I need access to 1900 numbers and in my recent communications with TPG I have been informed that it was not possible. However, after speaking with Finder, (who have advised me that all mobile phone carriers can indeed grant this request. But during my recent communication I neglected to tell TPG that I fully understood and accepted the fact that the calls that I might make will not be included in the plan. Thereby meaning that I will be charged extra for said calls. And I wanted this to take place tonight. But it doesn't seem to be going to happen. Coz I can't access TPG chat 




Thanks for reaching out to us! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 1900 numbers are not supported at all by TPG.