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internet and phone bundle cancellation

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I've requested cancellation of service on 19 March. I've received an automated reply saying someone will respond to my request within a day or two. I waited for six days and no one has responded to my request.


I rang on 25 March but was asked to communicate via live chat. I've done a few live chats without success and at last on 26 March it's confirmed that my cancellation request has been received. My case was escalated to a case manager and I'm advised that someone will ring within the next two days.


This morning, 29 March at 10:09 someone from the cancellation team rang. A short message was left on the voice mail just asking me to call back, no number was mentioned. However 98500800 was the number indicated on my phone.


I rang 98500800 but was advised to communicate with live chat because of limited telephone support at present.


It's not acceptable for someone to ring but not leaving a direct number that I can return calI.


I've no contract at present and simply needs to give 30 days notice.


I hope my cancellation request will be actioned as soon as possible.


Thank you