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no internet speed and no customer serviced

Level 2

 I have got basically no internet and am not able to contact customer service at all.

It has been this way for several days now.

1.77 down and  3.4 up. is a typical speed check on my 50 plan.

There is absolutely no customer support available of any description.

Can TPG advise me when my contracted plan speed can be supplied.

I wish i had gone with a mobile phone plan now and just hot spotted my lap top when reqd.

The mobile data speed is 46 down ... constant.




Not happy.




Hi fluffy12,


Sorry to hear that, Can I get more information about your NBN Service?

If NBN HFC or FTTC there are some troubleshooting you can do first.

 - Power off for 5 min the NTD ot NTC (black or White box for NBN).

- Connect your computer to the TPG modem by wire if possible.


Please check this for your reference