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Adtran SDX 2221-48 Gfast Distribution Point Unit (DPU)

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Vision Network (A TPG Company) has installed and made operational a FTTB Adtran G.Fast DPU in our building. There continues to be no servcie offer from TPG be connect to this high speed platform and shift from the existing VDSL2 Huawei DSLAM.

Is there any test program particularly in respect to existing VDSL service impacts?

When do you intend to make a retail offering?

Do you intend some other solution for TPG retail, i.e. GPON retrofit, 5G or WLAN nodes?

Eventually NBN will have to face the issue of fibre retrofit in multi-tennet buildings or a 5G solution such as Ericsson 5G Radio Dot. Will TPG remain a follower or make a first move?


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Just curious what building this is in and is there a way to check my building?  I'm currently investigating moving to another provider on a dedicated fibre link but would be happy to stay if I could TPG FTTB to support higher upload speeds Smiley Happy

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Harper Lane, 78 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182.

You can contact Vision Networks directly and ask if your building has been installed. It appears they intend to install in all TPG owned FTTB sites. Currently as NBN is not offering FTTP to multi dwelling buildings, TPG has the opportunity to be first to offer a higher speed tier, although constrained to G.Fast 212 Mhz profile line lengths and speeds.

Hope that helps. It would be great to have TPG offer this beyond the few trials they have previously undertaken and put some business pressure on NBN to up their game in delivering to apartment dwellers and not letting the 5G telcos potentially split their market.

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  1. Test program for existing VDSL service impacts: It is common for service providers to conduct testing and analysis before rolling out a new service. It is possible that TPG is currently conducting such tests to ensure a smooth transition for their customers.

  2. Retail offering: It is up to TPG to decide when they want to make a retail offering. However, it is likely that they will do so soon as the demand for high-speed internet services continues to grow.

  3. Other solutions for TPG retail: There are several technologies that service providers can use to deliver high-speed internet services. GPON, 5G, and WLAN are all viable options. It is up to TPG to decide which technology to use based on factors such as cost, availability, and customer demand.   myGeorgiaSouthern Email

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Thanks for your response. In reply:


1. TPG conducted tests in selected apartments in 2021 (Brisbane and Sydney I beleive). They then engaged Vision to install the new DSLAMs in other sites. Vision has offered these to new RSP's who seem not to be joining but remaining with NBN. They have not been offered the servcie via the TPG retail business. Technically they know to filter the current VDSL2 17a frequencies of upto 17Mhz and only operate above that upto the G.Fast max at 212Mhz.


2. As noted above TPG have not made an offer for G,Fast. They are line balling the current NBN pricing for the same servcie so not offering much as a diferentiator. This maybe a way to ignite business growth. But you are correct their choice. However as an apartment owner, choice other than the FTTB offerings of both is poor. NBN are not offering fibre upgrades to this segment.


3. G.Fast is no longer the only way to offer upgrades, NBN has national 5G spectrum, they could do urban last mile using this tech. It would be better if they bit the bullet and offered FTTP to apartments.


Hope that clears things up.

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As an aside, one of the benefits of FTTP is it is uses GPON (Passive Optical) and this means that if you have a UPS at home the link stays active, no powered elements other than the headend and your home ONT and Router. Much less mainteance and reliable in a power outage.

This is one of the downsides of the TPG current FTTB solution as they have very small UPS, more like a power filter, and in a recent power outage we were quickly off line. Additionally as these DSLAMS age, failure becomes more possible as I have seen at another site.

So we would love to see FTTP made a solution from NBN for multi dwelling units and not just for standalone properties. Not good that apartment owners get lesser servcie options. 

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Vision (TPG) are promoting G.Fast with new RSP's.

Still no TPG retail plan.

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Our building also had the Adtran SDX 2221-48 recently installed and commissioned.

Just waiting for activation.


Superloop will be one of the RSPs. If you do a search on your location, it will show FTTB-W (even though their technical and sale stff dont know what that is yet!)


Vision Network told me launch is a few weeks off and more RSPs (which I'm assuming will include TPG) will come on board in August.


Interesting to see if TPG will let another provider do cheaper pricing…

Assuming Superloop will do same price as their higher speed nbn offer.

$89.95 for 250/50Mb or $99 for 1000/50Mb - both these are 6 monthmont moneymoon deals.

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Nice, a 25% price increase for fttb long term customers. From $59.99 to $74.99. Just below the NBN current pricing and the tpg fttb new customer rate. The rumor is in preperation to spin off and sell to investors. Shame there was no service improvement, i.e. G.Fast, or other retention tool. The sooner some one looks at multi dwelling apartments as a service option for fttp or local 5G the better as the current market choices are limited. All opnion of course. Feel free to do your investgations and make up your own mind.

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> Vision Network told me launch is a few weeks off and more RSPs (which I'm assuming will include TPG) will come on board in August.

Any update on this? Superloop customer service still has no clue what is.