Constant dropouts on FTTB

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Good day,


My family have been complaining that the Internet is dropping out at roughly the same time each morning (approx 8:30am) over the past few mornings.


We use both wired and wireless Internet - both are unresponsive.


The fibre modem/router is a TP-Link TL-WDR4300 v1. This has been in operation for a few years now. Historically there have been regular drop outs and uptimes were seldom more than a few hours. In recent months I have observed uptimes of 10 hours or more. Not sure what to expect for uptimes - but when disconnected it seems to take a while for the connection to be re-established.


Is it possible to check our fibre connection for issues?





Hi @OzKing,


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I got your account pulled up using your account details and I got a match.


I ran initial tests on your connection and it shows 12h 43m and no dropouts occurred on the line.


I'd like to know on which device(s) specifically you experience this issue.




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Thanks Shane,

I investigated the reported issue on the wired PC and somehow old DNS servers had been configured which are no longer in service. Fixed... no fault of TPG.

Other WIFI devices are mobile phone (Android), Windows 10 PCs and a MacBook. I have recently brought a TPLINK EAP 330 AP into service for optimal WIFI. My family complain not of WIFI connection issues but of Internet connectivity.

I have attached a snap from the router showing up time as at 21:45 last night. Unfortunately it doesn't keep a history of up times so this is somewhat anecdotal.

Is there any other information I can supply? Can you see historical connection data?

Thanks again.

Hi @OzKing


Please note it appears your service is NBN Fibre to the premises (FTTP) network, not TPG Fibre To The Building (FTTB). 


I recommend that we have one of our technicians give you a call to resolve your issue as your service may be affected by other factors.


Please let us know your best time and contact number via PM so I can get a technician to call you.


For your reference, please see this link on how to send a PM


Hi @OzKing


Thanks for sending your details via PM. 


I've now arranged a call from one of our technicians tomorrow, 13 July between 8:00am - 9:00am. 


We would appreciate if you'll be at home during the time of call as our technicians would like carry out simple checks with you to eliminate any possible equipment issue. If this time is not suitable, please let us know and we'll have this rearrange for you.