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Fttb installation delay/no eta

Level 1c
I had ordered fttb on 4th Feb and till date haven't heard regarding installation. My telstra service will disconnect in 7 days. What are my options. Contacted tpg twice but havent received any eta.

Hi @Guhas,


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This definitely not the service we aim to provide you. I'll coordinate this with our support team and have this sorted.


I was able to locate your account using your community details and have confirmed that your account has an going plan change for FTTB. 


I'll chase this matter with our Service Delivery Team and request for an immediate update regarding the installation of your FTTB service. May we also ask for your preferred time and number of contact? You may send the details through PM. Thank you.


Hi @Guhas,


Our Service Delivery Team tried to contact the number on file to discuss the updates, however number is ringing only, they've also left a voicemail about this matter. 


Should you have other preferred time and number, let  us know and we'll be in touch. Thanks. 

Level 1c
As adviseed earlier I would prefer email rather than calling due to my work requirment. I had few email between FTTB team and unfortunately there is no ETA on installation. I was advised by Rolyn that "The order has been resubmitted already and the date of installation will be available within 24-48hours or 1-2business day." My polite request is as under: I am not sure about the way TPG works but if I am not wrong then it's past 20 working days from the date of my order. Now I have been contacted since my order has been resubmitted!.  Can anyone from TPG can kindly advise what I should have done to avoid resubmitting my order.

Hi @Guhas


Based on the information I've gathered, there was an error with the order that was initially placed to which we have escalated it to our Provisioning Team to have it resubmitted. We're sorry for this inconvenience. I can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been.


I can see that the order has already been resubmitted and that we're currently waiting for an installation appointment to be provided. I have advised the assigned Provisioning Case Manager to contact you via email as you requested to provide you an update once it's available.