Intermittent FTTB connection issues

Level 2

Hi there, 

I have been periodically experiencing internet connection outages for quite a long time by now. They occur sporadically, sometimes a few times a day, sometimes once a day. These outages are short, they last between 15-25 sec. I have been in contact with support several times, we have gone through a number of modem reset attempts but the issue is still reoccurring.

I thought that these outages are area wide, so I was waiting patiently thinking that TPG is going to address them. But this weekend I checked with my neighbour who happens to be also a TPG customer and found that he doesn't have these issues at all.

Now with the requirement to work from home, these connectivity issues are gettting extremely disruptive.

Especially when they occur during a business conference call. 

Could you help looking at this issue and assist to resolve it permanently?