Problems getting FTTB

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This is my experience with TPG


To get NBN at my current place, I called up TPG. They said as soon as I paid, the process would start, and the modem would arrive and at that point they would bill me. I said I preferred to have internet before I moved in than after, even if I'm billed an extra day. They advised me to do it like 5 days out from my move.


I'm moving to another place on Monday next week. I called them early November, they said it would take FIVE business days to get FTTB when I move in. Sure, I figure that's easy, I have almost 20 days, I can do the same thing again and get in touch closer to the date. I try again a week later to progress it. They advise me it will be 5-10 business days. I say great. They say they'll send a modem, progress will begin. I tell them to send to the address I'm at, not where I'm moving to, because I don't live there yet.


They send it to the wrong address, where I don't live. I worry this will delay the installation. I rush during work to get to the post office before the day ends, so I can get the internet stuff going. I complain in email form probably twice, and check if this has delayed it. In an email they say thanks for my patience, the internet will install... from 23 Nov. Next week. From when I've moved in it will start. I said I wanted internet BY THE TIME I MOVE IN, and they took that as START THE PROCESS AFTER I move in. And now they tell me... 10-20 business days. If they had told me that, I would've pursued this at the beginning of November. But they didn't. I also can't arrange a time to wait at my property for the technician until I move in, because of the short notice, but could've if they had cooperated at any early time in the last month. I spoke to them on the phone about this - the TPG person - like all the others - refused to concede any fault, said they'd start installing now. I assume I won't have internet at the next place for weeks. My question is why is it so difficult to deal with TPG, why do they refuse to listen, and is this why you don't allow a regular access to complaints process? I would've cancelled and gone with someone else if there wasn't such a cancellation fee, even where all the fault is TPG and their refusal to listen to anything I say.


Hi @Michael123,


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We're sad to know that you're having issues with the installation of FTTB service at the new location. I was able to locate the account using your community details and seen that there has been a misunderstanding about the relocation details. 


We can see that our Account Specialists Team raised an urgent relocation for the service, however, to set your expectation FTTB installation takes approximately 10 working days however in some cases can take up to 20 working days.

We will raise this with our Team for the additional details on the ongoing assessment, we apologize for any inconvenience.