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Theoretically could I pay to get fibre installed in my street?

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I have been wondering this for awhile and I understand that it is probably very impracticle, but could I theoretically pay/fund to have fibre installed in my street and have FTTB installed to my house and if so how much would it cost to do so?


Sincerely, SpaceBurn.


Hi @SpaceBurn,

Our TPG FTTB product is typically installed in multi-dwelling apartment type situations. If you are interested in getting TPG FTTB into your apartment complex, your initial step is to raise it at your monthly strata meeting for initial consideration. The building strata manager may also be a good starting point. For a new project to be viable, a complex must have at least 30 apartments.

Initial enquiry can be made here:

Let me know if we can be of further assistance.