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if travel overseas over 8 months what plan for minimal cost

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what is the best options for internet service  plan when I go to oversea for over 8 months or longer?


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If you have an NBN service, you have an option to downgrade on the lowest price plan ($29.99). Whilst for TPG FTTB service, the minimum suspension period is 30 days, maximum of 60 days which cost $1 per day. Should you wish to discuss this further? Just PM your TPG account details with your preferred callback number and time then we'll have an account specialist to call you for assistance.

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There are many other options that you can consider. One option for an extended stay overseas is to get a mobile hotspot device. This will give you a portable, personal Wi-Fi connection that you can take with you wherever you go. You can connect multiple devices to the hotspot and use it for internet access, but it will be slower than a broadband connection. Another option is to get a prepaid SIM card for your phone and use it for data. This can be a good option if you only need internet access on your phone and you don't mind slower speeds. Also, you can use to make a plan of locations you will visit and note down the places with free internet. I used it when travelling to Berlin. Good luck with your trip, and have fun!