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FTTC NBN all 4 lights on - No Internet light on TPG Archer VR1600

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Hi All,

I have received my FTTC NBN box and Archer router from TPG. The next day TPG sent the text to say they are waiting for me to plug it all in. So I did this and all 4 lights came on the NBN box after a few minutes but no Internet light on the Archer TP-link router.

I rang TPG support and waited 2 hours and 23 minutes before hanging up, I was also trying to chat online using another ADSL2 line in my house. Someone answered the chat and told me technical support could not help as it was an activation issue.

I'm not stupid and have a fair technical background, with all four lights on the NBN box and noting 1 is DSL signal  I believe I am completely correct to say I have a fully functioning Broadband connection to whatever is proivding my DPU in the pit with carrier signal.

I believe TPG have failed to switch on or tick something before sending me that text message saying they are ready - Is there a person out there who can tell us that this is true and the F#$%kup is TPG not doing or jumping the gun before their switch has been connected to the NBN fully?

I know that someone will PM me in a minute and fix the situation but it would be good for all to know TPG need to do something before that Internet light is ever going to work.

Cheers, Let us all know asap.




My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.

The NBN FTTC should work instead of ADSL, it means the ADSL should stop working when the NBN is available.

My records shows you have been reschedule for  an update.