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How I get tpg postcode?

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Hi @88571774 , it appears that your concern is about TPG Singapore Mobile Service.


Please be advised that you have reached the Community support page for TPG Australian consumers. TPG Australia & TPG Singapore are 2 separate entities and operating independently of each other.


Kindly send the TPG SG support an email: or visit their Facebook Page of TPG Singapore at for further assistance.


Hi @Ziemann


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We are grateful that you are considering us to be your new ISP. We encourage you to check the NBN availability in your area via by entering your address under "Check if NBN is available at your place". 


If your plan will be delivered on NBN FTTB, FTTN or FTTC: your speeds are affected by the length and quality of the copper used by NBN Co. NBN Co will determine your maximum line speed after your service starts working. If your line cannot support the speed tier that your NBN plan is on, we’ll send you an email stating your line speed results and your options, including the option to move to a lower speed plan (if available) or to cancel your service and change providers without contract break fees. Both options include a specified refund for speeds you cannot receive. If you select to cancel your service and change providers within 10 working days of being sent the email, you will receive a refund of charges paid (including set up costs).

Also, there are factors at your premises that can affect data speeds and performance like poor WiFi signal strength or signal interference, modem, network cables used and too many simultaneous users. Should you decide to sign up with us, you may call our Sales Team at 13 14 23 option 1. Let me know if you need further assistance. 


Best regards,