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Internet is DOWN for more than 4 days, Chat support No response!!!!!

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My Internet is down since last Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a chat with Roth from TPG last Thursday, they said they will raise my Internet issue (DSL and Internet lights are off in the router, line issue) in a couple of hours, The technician will be sent to my place to check the disconnection in 24 hours, but now it is Monday, I did not hear from anyone from TPG since them, Tried chats for many times, no response at all

Can you help me to check my connection ASAP as I don't have the Internet for more than 4 days?
It is unacceptable for this as a long term user!!!
Level 2

Hi there,

I experience the same issue - no responses or any support. Internet down for a week.

This is such an amazing opportunity for TPG to scale the support team and serve customers better, earn heaps of loyalty. Hope they will improve soon.