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Likes and Accepted Solutions

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Likes and Accepted Solutions


Hey everyone!


Just wanted to share a bit of insight with you regarding why it’s important we give likes to those who deserve them as well as choosing to accept a post as a solution when it is one.


If you see a solution that helpful or someone clearly has put a lot of effort in providing a solution they deserved to be thanked and recognised for their effort, we all like recognition.


If you see someone post something that is not only helpful but shows they’ve clearly put some effort in as well they deserve to be thanked/recognised, don’t you think? This is why we use Likes because a lot of our members are on here not only to gain help for their own services, but to help you with yours.


If we’re giving people Likes when they do a great job then it’ll help everyone identify those people that are not only awesome community members, but use their knowledge to help others.


When you ask a question that gets answered and that answer solves the problem, marking that as a accepted solution is very important. This helps people in the future who experience the same problem because if they see your post which is tagged as having a solution, there’s no need for them to post and wait for a response. It’ll already be sitting right there for them.


See you guys in the community