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New connection - clicking noise

Level 1c
Hi I just received my new NCD and modem in the mail today.
I’m unable to connnect however. I’ve followed all the steps and also attempted to connect to a new phone line. Still no luck.

Can someone please contact me soon. I’ve been waiting on the phone line for >1hr.
Level 1c
Approaching 2hrs now
Level 1c
This is extremely painful and a poor reflection on what I was led to believe. Surely there is something you guys can do
1. Online chat function broken
2. Call centre not answering within 2hrs now
3. This is a brand new customer - being treated like trash with no support options available.
Level 1c
Approach 4hrs now.

Someone in the sales team had the audacity to ask me to wait a further 2hrs.. what a ** business



Thanks for sending through your details.

I will look into your connection for you.