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I have been with iinet for 13 years with no problems. Months ago they connected me to the nbn without a hitch. . Didnt know it had happened. Just signed up with tpg and and I have had more problems than with iiNett in 13 years. I would have thought that as a new customer once details were registered at their end a new modem plug and play and off you go. No such luck now the poor nbn are being accused by tpg of stuffing up. How? TPG this is a very poor start. I am unable to manage my investments, dont have a phone and I have no confidence that tpg know what is wrong. Just fix it as I see this as breach of contract.

Level 2

Well haveing been very frustrated by the poor start TPG have now jumped arround and the problem has been fixed. So I have to acknowledge that performance.


Hi @Cranky,


Welcome to the community!


I can see that your service is now working and connected for 7h 46m.


In case you will have queries in the future do not hesitate to open a thread here in our community!


Let me know should you require further assistance.